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Quick BTQ 110-25C Bow or Stern Thruster with Protection Case 12V #50811002

Quick BTQ 110-25C Bow or Stern Thruster with Protection Case 12V #50811002
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Quick BTQ 110-25C maneuverable electric bow or stern thrusters 12 volt 1.3Kw 55.1 lb with protection case IP67

The Quick BTQ 110 is a single propeller thruster composed of a sturdy composite material. Length recommended boat 5-7.5 m (16-25 ft). Some additional features of this unit are the solenoid is protected by a sturdy composite material, the gearbox is composed of bronze, the zinc anode is independent from the gearbox which allows an easy replacement and it is also equipped with an elastic coupling.
The Gearbox is created so that the behaviour of the propeller is unaffected in either direction. The conical gears that make up the gearbox are reinforced and  adjusted to ensure maximum efficiency. Maintenance is not required since the special highly resistant components guarantee a perfect lubrication seal for life. The anodic zinc protection is easily replaceable.
The bronze propeller gearleg is provided with a hydrodynamic profile that minimizes turbulence.
The 4-blade Propeller guarantee maximum thrust performance and reduction in current absorption. This is made of composite materials, resistant in every condition, and fastened with self-locking nuts in stainless steel.
The case that protects the reversing contactors is made of robust composite materials that are resistant to corrosion. The electrical connections are provided with quick connectors.
The elastic joint that optimizes the alignment between motor and gearbox is an exclusive Quick design. This acts as an even tension device, preserving the operating system from impulses from the bow thruster, with above-average results.
The motors new-generation materials have been chosen to constantly guarantee required output and maximum performance, given the severe conditions required by the application. Protection against overheating of the motor is ensured by a microprocessor.
The support flange is completely in hard-cote anodized aluminium.
Technical data:
Models: BTQ 110-25C;
Propulsion system: Single propeller;
Ø Tunnel: 4” 21/64 in;
Voltage: 12 V;
Motor power: 1.3 Kw;
Thrust: 55.1 lb;
Boat size*: 16-25 ft;
Weight: 21.6 lb;
Dimensions: A 10” 5/32 in - B 4” 21/64 in - C 3” 5/16 in.
the indication may vary according to the boat type.