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Set Quick Windlasses Prince DP2 1000W 12V with 50mt Galvanized Chain D.8mm #02000002

Set Quick Windlasses Prince DP2 1000W 12V with 50mt Galvanized Chain D.8mm #02000002
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Special Offer Quick Windlasses Prince Series DP2 1012 1000W 12V with 50mt D.8mm Galvanized Chain.
The kit si made by:
- 1 Windlasses Prince Series DP2 1012 1000W/12V (our code 02010314);
- 1 Galvanized chain - D.8mm - Pack of 50mt (our code 01510087).

Windlasses Prince Series DP2 1012 1000W/12V.
PRINCE series is the new range of Quick electric windlasses, equipped
with motors ranging from 300W to 1500W.
The new models display contemporary-inspired shapes and design and
above all the Made-in-Italy style, and have been conceived to perfectly
meet the market requirements.
Prince windlasses are the result of a long route of research and design, aimed at creating a high-quality and competitive range. The choice of materials includes both stainless steel, which offers high-resistance features and aluminum with a special plastic fiber used for some parts of the structure that enhances the mechanical and functional performance.
The motor-gearboxes, manufactured by Quick, are in anodized aluminium and all motors are equipped with a waterproof casing. Epicyclical gearbox
Vertical drive motor: easy and quick drop-in installation. Vertical windlasses.
Aisi 316 Stainless steel base. Without drum. Rope and chain on a single gypsy. Manual Free-Fall system. Supplied with pressure lever - Inspection lid. IP67 watertight motor. Anodized aluminium gearbox. For boats from 5 to 13 metres (16 - 43 ft).

-Gypsy: 6/7/8mm for Chain (specify when ordering)
- Motor power: 1000w;
- Motor supply voltage: 12V;
- Maximum pull: 930kg;
- Maximum working load: 420kg;
- Maximum chain speed: 31.2m/min;
- Weight: 16.7 kg.

In the box there is only the contactor, switches and push buttons are sold separately.

It is recommended that a circuit breaker.

Galvanized chain - D.8mm - Pack of 50mt.
Galvanized 316 DIN766 chain. D.8 mm. Length 50 mm. Weight 70 kg. Internal link chian 26x12mm. External link chian 39x27mm. Breaking load 3200kg.


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