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Battery charger Smartcharger New 12V 80A with 2 out - Code: 21020974

Battery charger Smartcharger New 12V 80A with 2 out - Code: 21020974
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Smartcharger New 12V 80A with 2 out.
3 stages battery charger, designed for professional usage. It can assure 100% charge of your battery in any circumstance and at any temperature (with the use of the optional sensor code 21020991). With selectable max charging time limitation for the bulk and absorption stage (4-8 hours or without limitation), this charger is suitable for charging both traditional and gel batteries. SmartCharger New offering 3 outputs to charge the batteries. When this reaches a pre-set cut off point, it switches to an intermediate constant voltage 'float charge'. Only when the battery is detected properly charged, Smart Charger will switch to the final stage for correct long-term battery maintenance. If at any time it detects that the battery has been discharged, it will automatically revert to the constant current stage. Ideal for any use, appliances, vehicles, boats etc. Easy to understand LED indications. Robust and reliable construction, light weight, compact size. High efficiency, twice faster compared to normal linear charger.

Technical features:
- VAC: 220V - 50Hz;
- Floating and voltage: 13.8/14.4/14.8V;
- VDC: 13.8V;
- Max charging current: 80A;
- Outputs: 2;
- Max battery capacity: Till 800 Ah for service battery;
- Operating temperature: 0/+50° C;
- Fuse: 230VAC;
- Dimensions: 230 x 108 x 375 mm;
- Weight: 6.05 Kg;
- Protection: Short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, overtemperature protection;
- HALF POWER function (allows operation at half power, highly recommended if you use batteries of small capacity).

N.B: Before order the battery charger please control its compatibility with on board batteries.

 Indicated for battery: GEL, AGM, FREE ACID, BY SETTING.


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    Temperature sensor TF-500 for battery chargers #21020991
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