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Storage Kit 9,6kWh Ideal for net metering systems #31052103

Storage Kit 9,6kWh Ideal for net metering systems #31052103
  • Storage Kit 9,6kWh Ideal for net metering systems #31052103
  • Storage Kit 9,6kWh Ideal for net metering systems #31052103
  • Storage Kit 9,6kWh Ideal for net metering systems #31052103
  • Storage Kit 9,6kWh Ideal for net metering systems #31052103
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Storage Kit 9,6kWh Ideal for net metering systems

Special energy storage system in compliance with CEI 0-21 regulations and suitable for integration on systems already connected to the grid with (GSE) net metering incentives. This sytem enables to harvest all the energy produced by the PV system reducing consumption in the F3 category.

The kit contains:
- 1 Azzurro 3000SP Inverter for 3kVA energy storage;
- 4 Battery packs 2,4kWh;
- 4 brackets to mount batteries;
- Connection cables inverter batteries.

Azzurro 3000SP Inverter for energy storage
The ZCS Azzurro Inverter energy storage solution is ideal to optimize independence in a residential environment.
With a rated power of 3kW and a storage capacity of up to 10kWh, it adapts to any type of need of new installations. offering the ideal solution for updating and optimizing existing systems.
Furthermore, thanks to the CA connections, Azzurro is compatible with any type of technology (solar, wind etc.) and with every type of inverter.

Simple and reliable
• Net metering directly in AC,  without the necessity of interface or external control systems
• LCD graphic display for local monitoring
• Remote control monitoring system via  APP to visualize consumption, PV production energy storage and net metering
Simple installation
• Compatible with all types of inverters already connected to the grid.
• Does not require interventions to the existing electrical system, thanks to the use of an open loop current sensor
Flexible discharge solution
• Flexible charge/discharge management in accordance with local regulations
• Maximisation of own consumption up to over 80%

• Suitable for all installations both single phase and three phase 

• Compatible with lithium batteries as well as other 48V technologies (lead, gel, salt water, etc.)
Functionality in the absence of connection
• Stand Alone support mode, guarantees continuation in case of electrical black-out

Rated power: 3kVA
Peak power: 1.5*Pnom, 10S: 1.2*Pnom, 30S
Operating voltage range: 180-270V
Frequency range: 44~55Hz / 54~66Hz
Nominal voltage: 230V
Harmonic distortion (THD): <3%
Power factor 1: (Adjustable +/- 0.8)
Type of connection to the grid: Single phase

Max discharge efficiency (AC->DC): 94,1%
Max charge efficiency (DC->AC): 94.5%
Stand by consumption: <5W
Type: High frequency isolation transformer
Environmental protection degree: IP65
Safety degree: Anti islanding, RCMU, Ground fault monitoring
Certifications: AS4777,VDE0126-1-1,G83/2,c10/11,RD1699,UTEC15-712-1,EN50438,VDE-AR-N4105, CEI 0-21
Communication: Wi,RS485,CAN2.0, micro SD card

Protection class: Class I
Environmental temperature range***: -25°C...+60°C(sopra 45°C Derating)
Relative humidity range allowed: 0…95% Non-condensing
Max working altitude: 2000m
Connection current sensor: external

Noise level: <25db
Weight: 16kg
Cooling: Natural convection
Dimensions: 532*360*173mm
Display: display LCD

EPS Emergency Power Supply
Power supplied in EPS****: 3000VA
Voltage and frequency generated in EPS: 230V, 50/60Hz
Current supplied in EPS: 13A
Total harmonic distortion: <3%

Compatible battery type: Lithium ion/ Lead/Gel/Salt water etc.
Rated voltage: 48V
Voltage range allowed: 42-58V
Recommended battery capacity: 50-200Ah
Recommended storage capacity: 9,6kWh
Temperature range allowed**: -10°C/50°C
Nominal charging current: 25A for each battery * present
Charging current range: 0-60A (programmable)
Discharge current range: 25A for each battery* present
Maximum dicharge current: 60A
Discharge time in hrs for systems of Po=1KVA = 9.6h
Discharge time in hrs for systems of Po=3KVA = 3.2h
Recommended depth of discharge: 0-80% litio*, 0-50% lead
Protectioin type CC: fuse.

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