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Sound-absorbing Panels

The sound-absorbing panels have the function of limiting the reverberation (which for simplicity can be assimilated to the most simple and well-known concepts of reverberation and echo), within confined environments.
In practice, in closed spaces, the total noise that is perceived is greater than the real source which generated it since it is incremented by the reflections produced from the walls, especially if these are made up of smooth and compact materials (said reflecting).
The function of the sound-absorbing panels is therefore to transform the reflective surfaces in the acoustically absorbent surfaces.
The sound-absorbing panels are able to absorb much of the sound energy incident on them and reflecting only a minimal amount.

Rustication w/adhesive acoustic isolation - 1x2mt - Code: 50023651
SKU: 50023651
Rustication w/adhesive acoustic isolation - 1x2mt
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