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Leonardo Off-Grid 1kW/1500/24 GE Backup on Power Generator #22300110

Leonardo Off-Grid 1kW/1500/24 GE Backup on Power Generator #22300110
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Leonardo Off-Grid 1kW/1500/24 GE Backup on Power Generator

Energy system capable of storing renewable energy, up to 1 kW of photovoltaic system power. The system generates up to 1500 VA output in alternate current.

- Production and storage system from PV
- MPPT recharge via solar charge controller with 2
independent inputs
- Max PV power 1kWp@24V
- AC input for power generator bypass
DC/AC Pure sine wave inverter
- Continuous power 1500 VA
- Output voltage: 230V 50Hz
- 95% inverter efficiency
97.2% Efficiency of the PV charge controller
- Contact for automatic ignition of the generator
- Battery isolation switch
- 24Vdc battery voltage
OPzS, OPzV Lead batteries for cyclic use
- Low battery protection
- Battery temperature sensor
- Short circuit protection and AC overload
- Over-temperature protection
- IP20 container
- Simplicity of wiring
- Optional battery box

Leonardo Off-Grid 1kW/1500/24 GE is specifically designed and developed for the production and storage of household energy; combined with photovoltaic modules and battery it supplies household energy up to complete self-consumption.
Leonardo Off-Grid 1kW/1500/24 GE makes the use of the energy produced by the PV modules easy and instant, with the possibility of using the generator (back-up) in case of reduced renewable energy.
The system has 2 MPPT independent inputs and operates through the dedicated solar charge controller: said technology implements a research circuit of the maximum functioning power of the voltage and PV module current, maximising the energy supplied.
Connecting a generator to the AC input, the system guarantees continuity of utilities without any perceptible discontinuity in case of low battery because of reduced renewable energy available. In fact, the generator simultaneously manages the supply of the loads and charging of the bank of batteries.

Please refer to the attached tecnical data sheet for further technical information.

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