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Kit 2pcs Trojan 31XHS Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries 12V 130Ah 24V 3kWh #20050777-2

Kit 2pcs Trojan 31XHS Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries 12V 130Ah 24V 3kWh #20050777-2
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Kit 2pcs Trojan 31XHS Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries 12V 130Ah 24V 3kWh

Kit with 2 12V 130Ah Trojan 31XHS Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries batteries.
Exceptional high quality battery produced in the United States with high-grade materials.
The high starting current and deep cycle characteristics have given these batteries the trademark of dual purpose.
These batteries are ideal for boaters as they can be used to start engines and for all on-board electrical services. Suitable to power electric motors and small stand-alone photovoltaic systems.
Trojan batteries are engineered with innovative T2 technology (see technical data sheet) that ensures excellent performance until the very end unlike standard batteries, that after a good initial phase, decline dramatically.
It pays to buy Trojan batteries!

Technical features:
- Capacity: 105Ah C5; 120Ah C10; 130Ah C20;
- Model: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery;
- Deep cycle;
- Voltage: 12V;
- Voltage capacity at 25°C: 130 Ah C20;
- Bulk Charge 14.82;
- Float Charge 13.50;
- Equalize Charge 16.20;
- Operating Temperature: - 20 °C / + 40 °C;
- Weight: 30 Kg;
- Dimensions: 330 x 171 x H241 mm.

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