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Dyneema rope Green with yellow line D.8mm Sold by meter #00119043

Dyneema rope Green with yellow line D.8mm Sold by meter #00119043
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Dyneema® SK75 [HPS+PU] with HPS + PU treatment.
Well known to all seafarers, professionals and non, Dyneema® SK75 has the following features: elevated Breaking Load, low elongation, light weight, low level of water absorption, high resistance to U.V. rays and abrasion, great flexibility, resistance to cutting. The sum of all these characteristics is concentrated in this line of ropes making them versatile to many uses on all boats. Reliable, long lasting and high performance, thanks to high breaking loads and low elongation.

Features and use
This rope is composed by two of the best fibres in terms of durability and performance. The mixture of them is carefully studied to be fairly distributed and to profit by the best quality of both fibres, in order to lead the rope to excellent results in terms of smoothness, abrasion resistance and durability. Ideal for manoeuvres of high effort and repeated mechanical stress, in particular where the wear of the cover is steadily present.
12 plait with Dyneema SK75 impregnated with polyurethane coating and special heat treatment HPS.
8 mm
At 30% of breaking load: 2,30%
At breaking load: 3,30%
Green with yellow line
Breaking Load
 3360 kg
Sold by meter