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Calorex AW4502 domestic Heat Pump heating and hot water #22677000

Calorex AW4502 domestic Heat Pump heating and hot water #22677000
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Calorex AW4502 domestic Heat Pump

Low carbon solutions for heating and hot water. Saving energy comes naturally to us. The sustainable heating solution for today and tomorrow. Home heating with plenty of hot water.
Whether your concerns are for the environment or your fuel bill, sustainable heating offers benefits for both. Heat pumps are proven to reduce emissions by an average of 50% compared to fossil fuel boilers or electric heating, making them the most effective way of reducing the impact on both the environment and domestic fuel costs. Fitting a heat pump will help you, the homeowner, significantly reduce your energy bills as it can deliver up to 4 kW of useful heat for every 1kW of energy needed to run it. Heat pumps also help to preserve the dwindling supplies of ever more expensive fossil fuels as they make the most of the free energy from the sun.
How do domestic low carbon heat pumps work? Up to 400% efficient.
A heat pump extracts the heat from solar energy stored in the ground or in the air and concentrates it for use in a domestic heating system. It acts like a fridge in reverse. Conventional refrigeration technology absorbs the heat from the ground or air into a refrigerant, which is then compressed to raise its temperature.
A heat exchanger then takes out the heat and uses it in the heating system to provide warmth and hot water. Domestic heat pumps have been used in Europe for many years where they are a tried and tested worm of high efficiency low cost heating.
Calorex heat pumps are charged with non-toxic, bio-degradable, CFC-free refrigerant, which has no detrimental impact on the earth’s protective ozone layer.
Calorex heat pumps - designed and manufactured in the UK.
Calorex has been manufacturing heat pumps in the UK for over 30 years and has unrivalled experience and expertise in heat pump technology.
More domestic installations have been supplied by Calorex than by any other manufacturer. 
The range of ground and air source heat pumps has been developed specifically for UK housing, climate conditions and heating system designs. As well as efficiently heating your home, Calorex heat pumps are uniquely designed to supply domestic hot water at 65°C, without the need for electric heating back up. Heating and hot water are managed by a standard central heating programmer with a room  thermostat controlling the heat output in exactly the same way as with a conventional boiler.
Product features
• Model: AW4502.
• Water flow: +/- 20% 8.3 liters/min.
• Pressure drop (water): 1.7 meters head.
• Buffer tank capacity: 50 liters.
• MCS certified.
• Dual temperature operation for maximum heating efficiency.
• DHW up to 65°C with no immersion heater or direct electrical resistance heater required.
• Space heating temperatures variable from 35°C to 55°C for underfloor heating or radiators.
• Twin compressors in larger models to optimise efficiency.
• Plumbing and electrical connections only.
• Only a single phase electricity supply required.
• No gas supplies, flues or ventilation required.
• Maintenance free – no expensive annual servicing required.

Benefits of air source:
• Lower capital cost.
• Operational to -15 °C.
• Reverse cycle defrost only 4 minutes per hour.
• Ideal for multi-storey apartment buildings.
• For stand-alone use (monovalent) or integration with existing heating systems (bivalent).

For technical information and sizing kindly refer to the technical data sheet.