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CRC Marine 6-66 100ml Protective Anticorrosion Unblocks Cleans Lubricates #454LUB003

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CRC Marine 6-66 100ml Protective Anticorrosion Unblocks Cleans Lubricates #454LUB003
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CRC Marine 6-66 100ml Anticorrosivo Protettivo Sblocca Deterge Lubrifica

Anti-corrosive for salty environments.
Adheres tightly to metals, spreads and penetrates smallest openings, expels electrolytes which have been held by capillarity, dissolves oily lumps, dust and salt, lowers the friction coefficient and the superficial tension at the metal/oxide interface.
Stops the corrosive process in progress and prevents new attacks from showing up, in particular if triggered by salts which are typical of a marine environment.
Specific protection for crafts, port and shipyard equipment, installations and vehicles used in coastal areas.
Eliminates the dispersion of current and short-circuits as a result of electrolytes, especially saline.
Does not contain silicone, does not insulate contacts or connections.
Prevents damage and restores functionality of marine engines, electrical panels and apparatus, delicate humid or wet mechanisms, even from sea water.
Cleans electrical or mechanical parts removing sludge, rubber, oxidized or burnt lubricant or lubricant which is lumpy with dust and salt, all of which are potential triggers of combustion, short-circuits and corrosion.
Unblocks and gives full precision of movement, protects winches, slaves, rigging screws, weigh anchors, jib reel, locks, electrical wiring either during use or during winter.
Stops or prevents almost all electromechanical failures attributable to humid and corrosive marine atmosphere.
Harmless to man and environment.
Spray bottle of 100 ml.