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Asado Regular Instant BBQ Cartridge Size 32x24x5cm #17259056

Asado Regular Instant BBQ Cartridge Size 32x24x5cm #17259056
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Everyone has a tale to tell about an instant BBQ. There are some true horror stories out there and some more humorous ones. Most stories comprise of burning lawns and scorching nice wooden tables.
We thought if we sell the Asado BBQ stand we had better sell the instant BBQ cartridge
In fact the Instant BBQ cartridge is a great invention. Cheap to buy, easy to obtain and once used can be recycled with no mess, fuss or cleaning!!
Now that is a good product!
The only thing that was missing was a good stand!!!
Hence the Asado Grill
Being a connoisseur of the instant BBQ, I should let you know a few secrets about how to get the best out of an Instant BBQ cartridge!!
First of all before lighting make sure ALL the packaging is removed. You have no idea how many people leave the cardboard around the Instant BBQ cartridge. Then see if the manufacturer has put holes in the side of the foil tray if not then use something to place 3-4 holes on each side, this will allow air to circulate and get a better temperature.
Place the instant BBQ cartridge in an Asado Grill frame!!! For many reasons… particularly safety first and the fact that the Instant BBQ cartridge will work better off the ground.
If you go for the Asado Party stand and Instant Party BBQ cartridge you will be able to cook for at least 15-20 people, they are very effective.  Size 32x24x5cm. Norcom code M-100.


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