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Asado Flameboy BBQ Multitool 10x33x3cm #17259057

Asado Flameboy BBQ Multitool 10x33x3cm #17259057
  • Asado Flameboy BBQ Multitool 10x33x3cm #17259057
  • Asado Flameboy BBQ Multitool 10x33x3cm #17259057
  • Asado Flameboy BBQ Multitool 10x33x3cm #17259057
  • Asado Flameboy BBQ Multitool 10x33x3cm #17259057
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Asado Flameboy BBQ Multitool: lighter compartment, serrated blade, bottle opener, corkscrew, fork, spatula and tongs. Norcom code G-006. Size 10x33x3cm.
The Asado Grill BBQ tool Accessory
The Asado Flameboy was designed primarily for use with the Instant BBQ or Portable BBQing and picnics. Although now many use it for home BBQ's when setting up or catering at a BBQ we felt that something was needed so you could tend to your BBQ whilst tending to your guests or family.
The very item they request will not be to hand and probably in the kitchen draw!!
7 functions in 1 BBQ tool accessory
In fact from one position you are able to grab a bun cut it open, either spatula a burger or fork a sausage to the bun, adding salad with the tongs, whilst opening a beer for your mate and a bottle of wine for the Mrs! without changing utencil!...Those trips back to the kitchen are a thing of the past. Even at the beginning of a BBQ the Flameboy has a slot which holds a lighter so lighting is it is not a problem either.
The Camping, hiking, boating, garden BBQ utensil accessory
The Flameboy also holds it own in Pastimes like Caravanning, Camping, Boating and Hiking. Neat and compact weighing only 250g it can be easily stored in Caravans, backpacks and boats having all those functions at hand without the hassle of taking individual utencils. Once used the Flameboy BBQ tool accessory can be dismantled for cleaning, it is even dishwasher friendly!
Flameboy for your boat
The Must have tool for your galley. Space on boats is always at a premium. Get rid of all your other cooking tools... the Flameboy is all you will need!
Festival kit
Another Great use the Flameboy is at Festivals the Handy Festival Flameboy can really improve your camping experience cooking made easy. No more will you have to consider what utensils to take or move sausages around your BBQ with a plastic fork. Throw it in your back pac and goOnce you have the Flameboy you will wonder why this Multitool has not been done before.


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