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12V 50W Poly Solar Kit with PWM 10A Charger with AGM 45Ah Battery #30200053

12V 50W Poly Solar Kit with PWM 10A Charger with AGM 45Ah Battery #30200053
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Solar KIT composed of 50W polycrystalline photovoltaic panel, PWM 10A solar charge controller and 12V-45Ah AGM Battery for all applications such as boats, camper vans, cabins, shelters and 12V systems.
The kit contains:

- 1 50W 12V Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Module - Dimensions: 667x539x32mm (our code 30050116);
- 1 PWM Solar Charge Controller 12V 10A (our code 30550701);
- 1 12V 45Ah Sealed Battery with AGM technology C10 Vrla Lead-Acid  (our code 20050920).

50W/12V Polycrystalline Photovoltaic module.
Designed for rural lighting solutions, data collection and special applications. Thanks to its versatility, the panel is very popular and used both in developing countries as well as the European market.  This panel was designed to work under the most difficult climatic and working conditions. The design of the anodized aluminium frame makes the panel safe, simple and quick to install in many applications.  Every single cell and panel produced undergoes a series of tests and quality controls during every phase of production. The interconnections between panels are easy, practical and optimized for every configuration and voltage.
- Excellent performances even during low solar radiation (cloudiness, morning or evening)
- Solar-grade tempered prismatic glass
- Heavy load mechanical resistance: TÜV certified (5.400 Pa tested against snow and 2.400 Pa test against wind)
- Strict and continuous quality controls during all the production phases up to shipment
- A-grade solar cells
Standard 3 year warranty on materials and manufacturing defects
Technical data:
- Peak power: 50W;
- Vm: 17.5V;
- Im: 2.9A;
- Voc: 22.00V;
- Isc: 3,2A;
- Dimensions: 667x539x32mm;
- Weight: Approx 5.75 kg.
Pv module provided with cable MC4 connectors.
If the distance between the PV module and solar charge controller is less than 10 mt, we recommend using 4 mm2 cable;

If the distance between the PV module and solar charge controller is more than 10 mt, we recommend using 6 mm2 cable.

Solar Charge Controller PWM 12V 10A. 
PWM Charge Controller for PV systems 12 Volt. Suitable to charge batteries GEL, AGM or acid via traditional photovoltaic panels 36 cells. Charges batteries in boats, RVs, cabins and shelters, warning systems.
With battery status LED indicator. 
- Voltage configurations: 12V;
- Rated charging current: 10A;
- Output: 1;
- Working temperature: -35/+55°C;
- Degree of protection: IP30;
- Type: Stand Alone, Boat/Camper;
- Dimensions: 13,3x7,1 cm;
- Weight: 0,119 Kg;
- LCD display: NO.

12V 45Ah Sealed Battery with AGM technology C10 Vrla Lead-Acid.
Sealed battery with AGM technology is designed for both cyclic and buffer use. The unique construction technique makes this battery totally hermetic preventing potential leakage of gas or acid in any position of operation. These batteries are maintenance free and can operate at temperatures from - 20 to + 45%.

The most common use of these batteries is:
- Inside the UPS.
- Small photovoltaic systems.
- Road sign illumination.
- Photovoltaic Street Lights.

Technical features:
- Nominal Voltage: 12V;
- Nominal Capacity (10 hour rate): 45Ah;
- Constant voltage charge;
- Voltage regulation;
- Cycle use: 14.4 - 15.0 V (25°C);
- Standby use: 13.5 - 13.8 V (25°C);
- Dimensions: 198x166x170 mm;
- Weight: 14.1 Kg.



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