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12V 180W Photovoltaic Module + 10A Solar Charge Controller + MC4 Connectors #30201181

12V 180W Photovoltaic Module + 10A Solar Charge Controller + MC4 Connectors #30201181
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Solar KIT composed of 180W monocrystalline photovoltaic panel, MC4 connectors and PWM 10A solar charge controller for all applications such as boats, camper vans, cabins, shelters and 12V systems.
The kit contains:
- 1 180W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Module - 1480 x 670 x 35 mm (# 30050177);
- 1 Solar Charge Controller PWM 10A 12V - 13,3x7,1 cm (# 30550701);
- 1 MC4 Cabur male connector (# 30750303);
- 1 MC4 Cabur female connector (# 30750304).

Photovoltaic Monocrystalline module 180W 12V.
180W 12V Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel. Designed for rural lighting solutions, data collection and special applications. Thanks to its versatility, the panel is very popular and used both in developing countries as well as the European market. This panel was designed to work under the most difficult climatic and working conditions. The design of the anodized aluminium frame makes the panel safe, simple and quick to install in many applications. Every single cell and panel produced undergoes a series of tests and quality controls during every phase of production. The interconnections between panels are easy, practical and optimized for every configuration and voltage.

- Type: SS180-36M;
- Peak power: 180W;
- Vm (voltage at maximum p.): 19.8V;
- Im (maximum current): 9.09A;
- Voc (open circuit voltage): 23.4V;
- Isc (short circuit current): 9.58A;
- Power tolerance: +-3%;
- Dimensions: 1480 x 670 x 35 mm;
- Weight: approx 12 Kg;
- Maximum system voltage: 500VDC.

PWM Charge Controller for PV systems 12 Volt. Suitable to charge GEL, AGM or acid batteries via traditional 36 cell photovoltaic panels. Charges batteries in boats, RVs, cabins and lodges, alarm systems.

With battery status LED indicator.
- Voltage configurations: 12V;
- Rated charging current: 10A;
- Output: 1;
- Working temperature: -35/+55°C;
- Protection degree: IP30;
- Type: Stand Alone, Boat/Camper;
- Dimensions: 13,3x7,1 cm;
- Weight: 0,119 Kg;
- LCD display: NO.

MC4 Cabur male and female connectors designed specifically for rapid and reliable connections in photovoltaic applications with the most common inverter and junction box. Contacts are made with tinned copper and casing in PPO.

LINE 4, with metal contacts D.4 mm.

Technical data:
- PIN dimension: D.4mm;
- Maximum voltage: 1000 VDC;
- Maximum current: 30A at 70°C - 25A at 85°C;
- Contact resistance: <5m Ohm
- Contact material: Cu;
- Plating: Tin;
- Insulation: PPO.
Environmental conditions:
- Protection degree: IP67 (IEC 60529);
- Temperature range: -40°C +90°C;
- Flammability level: UL94-VO.

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