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International - Antifouling - Ultra 300 - Lt 2,5 - White Dover YBB728 #458COL640

International - Antifouling - Ultra 300 - Lt 2,5 - White Dover YBB728 #458COL640
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Ultra 300 is an antifouling product effective against fouling organisms; slime, aquatic plants and animals. A Premium Hard Antifouling suitable for professional and consumer application onto vessels in fresh and salt water. The hard scrubbable finish provides protection for up to one year performance. Ultra 300 is suitable for burnishing to provide a smoother finish for maximum slip through the water and can be scrubbed and cleaned if needed. Ideal for fast Powerboats.

Colour: YBB728 White Dover
Finish: Matt
Specific Gravity: 1.9 average
Volume Solids: 58% average
Typical Shelf: Life 2 yrs
VOC (As Supplied): 364g/l average
VOC (EU Solvent): 197g/Kg average EU Solvent Emissions Directive (Council Directive 1999/13/EC)
Unit Size: 2.5 Lt

In Good Condition: All fouling and contamination must be thoroughly removed including the leached layer. Use high pressure fresh water wash (3000 psi/207 bar) and/or scraping and wet sanding with typically 80120 grade paper. Do not dry sand. If old antifouling is incompatible or unknown, seal with suitable International Paint barrier/sealer coat.
In Poor Condition: Use Interstrip to remove all traces of antifouling.
PRIMING: All preparation for bare substrates is covered on the appropriate primer datasheet.
BARE GRP: Prime with Gelshield 200 for osmosis protection, or Primocon or Interprotect.
STEEL/IRON/LEAD/WOOD: Prime with Interprotect or Primocon.

Mixing: Thoroughly stir until product is mixed to a uniform consistency before use
Thinning: Thinning is not recommended. Antifouling performance can be compromised if correct dry film thickness is not
Cleaner: YTA085 Thinner No.3
Airless Spray: Pressure: 176210 bar/25003050 psi. Tip size: 517 to 521.
Ventilation and Humidity Control: Ensure adequate ventilation during use.
Other: Antifoulings should only be wet sanded. Never dry sand or burnoff
old antifoulings. True colour will develop after immersion.

Some Important Points
To prevent premature failure, ensure the correct amount of paint is applied using the coverage as a guide. Product temperature should be minimum 5°C/41°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Ambient temperature should be minimum 5°C/41°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Substrate temperature should be 3°C/5°F above dew point and maximum 35°C/95°F.

For use over suitably primed GRP, Wood, Steel/Iron and lead.
Not suitable for use over Aluminium/Alloy substrates or zinc sprayed surfaces.
Can be applied direct over most types of antifoulings, provided they are in sound condition, with the exception of VC17m/PTFE antifoulings. Consult your local International Paint representative for specific overcoating advice if you are unsure about compatibility of Ultra 300 over your existing coating scheme.

The suggest thinner is No.3 Thinner, our code COL652. Pack 2,5 lt. Color: White Dover YBB728.



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