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Standard Solar Panel EURsolar Photovoltaic Poly and Mono

Shopenergia by Nautimarket

Solar panels, photovoltaic modules, manufacturing with monocrystalline and polycrystalline Class A cells.
EurSolar produces classic photovoltaic panels with an aluminum frame, ideal for stand-alone applications in plants OFF GRID. A range that starts from the little panel 5 watt to 250 watt module.
Designed for boating, the camper, for rural electrification, data survey, telecommunications and special applications. Thanks to the versatility that characterizes these modules, they are very appreciated and used in both developing and developed countries in the European markets. These modules are designed to work under the most difficult environmental and operating conditions. The anodized aluminum frame makes these modules safe, easy and quick to install in many situations. Every single cell and module are subjected to multiple tests and quality checks at every stage of the production process. Interconnections between modules are easy, practical and optimized for all configuration voltages.

EurSolar 100W (110W) 12V Photovoltaic Monocrystalline Module #30050170
SKU: 30050170
Eursolar 12V 110W Solar Photovoltaic Monocrystalline Module Panel suitable for camper vans, boats, cabins, mountain lodges etc. ideal for 12V and 24V.stand alone systems.
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50W 12V EurSolar Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel #30050116
SKU: 30050116
This solar panel is ideal for 12V systems for all applications, such as boats, caravans, cottages, rural areas. Widely used, in off-grid stand alone systems with energy storage.
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€12.62 (15%)
Photovoltaic Module Polycrystalline Solar Panel 5W 12V EurSolar 17.9 Vmp #30050100
SKU: 30050100
This solar panel is ideal for 12V installations for all applications such as boats, camper vans, cabins, rural areas. Widely used in stand-alone grid systems with energy storage.
5W 6V Photovoltaic Polycrystalline Module Solar Panel 8.88 Vmp #30050101
SKU: 30050101
This solar panel is ideal for installations in 6 Volt for all applications such as, boat, camper, cabin, rural areas. Of great use in stand-alone grid systems with energy storage.
12V 40W Solar panel for T-Tops 113x32cm #30049000
SKU: 30049000
Fitted with adjustable end terminals to fit widths from 1200- to 1500-mm. Can be matched to any T-Top on the market made of 28/44-mm Ø tubes. Comes with a 5-m solar power cable, two connectors and charge controller.
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€148.16 (15%)
12V 24W Solar Panel for A-frame 1100x180mm #30049010
SKU: 30049010
To be installed exclusively on the central part of the A-frame. Universal model. Fitted with support to install navigation light and horn. It comes with a 4-m solar power cable, specific charge controller and two connectors.
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€228.43 (35%)